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Occipital Quiz – Wed, March 27th

Parietal Quiz – Thursday, March 28th 

Frontal Lobe Quiz – Friday, March 29th 

Lymbic System Quiz -March 2nd 

Chapter 4 Test – April 5th 


Psychology is a 1 year social studies elective course specifically for juniors and seniors. This class is note intensive – usually 2 or 3 days a week, 20 – 30 minutes per day. With any extra time, students can participate in weekly experiments or conduct research presentations that have to do with the topics of the week . They will recieve a study guide at the start of each chapter, which is due the day of the exam. There is generally 3 or 4 weeks between exams because of the time it takes to discuss, experiment, and view clips to increase current knowledge on today’s psychological topics. 

Late Work Policy: Barring any kind of emergency or excused absence(s), I accept work no later than a day for half points. 


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