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LESSON PLANS   May 14 - 18, 2018


1st hour – conference

2nd – Child Development & Parenting 
          M – Discuss “Jon.”  Assessment: handling various parenting situations; notebooks due.
          T –   Careers related to young children
          W –  Career research
          Th –  Videos – develop lessons to share
          F –    Share lessons w/ activity

3rd & 7th – FCS
          M – Food labels
          T –   Careers related to FACS; folders due
          W –  Career research; prepare a presentation
          Th –  Share presentations
           F –  Complete sharing presentations

4th – Food & Nutrition
          M –  Plan a  kitchen; folders due
          T –   Work on plan
          W –  Finish plan; career research
          Th – Share plans
          F –   Complete sharing plans

5th – Housing & Interior Design
          M –  Selection of furniture: affordability, durability, quality of construction, style & appearance; folders due
          T  –  Plan furniture needs for one room (dining, living, family, bedroom).  Assess on four traits listed above.  Create list of careers related to housing.
          W –  Career research
          Th –  Share your room of furniture.
          F –    Finish sharing/catch up.

6th – Careers (8th grade)

          M –  Complete modules
          T –   Catchup day
          W –  “Fred” – read chapter 1
          Th – Special video; what can we learn?
          F –   Discuss/research video; careers involved; purposes; plan next Monday’s celebration