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Lesson Plans

LESSON PLANS: Nov. 18-22, 2019


1st hour  – Conference         

2nd & 3rd  – FCS
          M – Review information from project (color schemes, design)
  Home safety/security information
          W – Assign brochures on home safety
          Th – Work on project/review for test
           F – Thanksgiving Dinner

4th – Food & Nutrition
          M –  Market orders/work plans for Thanksgiving Dinner
          T –  Groups make cornbread
          W –
Worksheet – cooking terms
          Th –
Dressing/stuffing lab
          F –  Thanksgiving Dinner

5th  – Orientation to Teaching
          M –  Share info from projects
          T –   Create timeline on education in America
          W –  Continue timeline & write a summary
          Th – Present summaries – project where education is headed
           F –   Thanksgiving Dinner

6th – Careers (8th grade)
M -  What you learned about yourself - Skills? Interests? Values
           T -   Review the 16 Career Clusters
          W – Find jobs that use your skills/interests/values/abilities
          Th – Select three careers to summarize
          F  – Thanksgiving Dinner

7th – Clothing Management
          M – Finish cutting; mark pattern
          T –  Step one on construction
          W –  Step two
         Th –  Complete step two
           F –  Step three