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Meet Mrs. Deloris Smith


Deloris Smith

K-5 Art; 3-4 Gifted Education; 1st Gr. Enrichment

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About Me

Educational History:

  • Bachlor of Science in Art Education—UCA  
    Masters in Administrative Leadership—UCA 
  • Gifted Education—University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Art PK-8
  • Art 7-12
  • Gifted Education--PK-8
  • Gifted Education--7-12
  • Career Preparation Endorsement--7-12
  • Building Level Administrator--PK-8
  • Building Level Administrator--5-12
  • Building Level Administrator--7-12

Professional Development:

OUR Coop Professinal Development:

  1. Artful Thinking—Co-Presentors—Paulett Jech (Harrison Elementary & Middle School) Deloris Smith (Valley Springs Elementary & Middle School) & Gina Booth
  2. M.O.S.A.I.C.C.--A Mixture of Science, Art, Imagination and Common Core  Presentors--Deloris Smith & Shelley Thomlinson
  3. Hands-On Art
  4. Sargent ArtArkansas Art

Art Education Conferences in Little Rock

  1. 2016-17
  2. 2015-16
  3. 2014-15

​​Arkansas Department of Education:

  1. Taking It To The Schools: Community Exp. in Visual Art—Mask Making
  2. Taking It To The Schools: Community Exp. in Visual Art—Weaving
  3. All required PD

Fred Berry Conservation Education Center:

  1. Wild About Caves
  2. Wild About Bears
  3. Aquatic WILD 
  4. Flying Wild Over the Prairie
  5. Project Learning Tree
  6. Project WILD
  7. Project WET
  8. Aquatic Wild
  9. Flying Wild over the Prairie 



Current Position:

I currently teach:

K-5 Art
3/4 Gifted Education Pullout Classes
1st Gr. Enrichment

Previous Position:

Prior to working in this school district, I worked for the Lead Hill School District:

K-12 Gifted Education Teacher/Coordinator
7-12 Art Teacher
EAST Lab Co-Facilitator
Workforce Education Class
Yearbook Journalism

Family Information:

I am married to Farren, a cattle farmer.  We have two sons--Jonathan and Jeremiah.

Jonathan graduated from Arkansas TECH University with a Business Degree.  He works for ASPLUND Tree Service. He’s an Assemblies of God Ordained Minister. He's a self-taught, gifted musician who plays 5+ instruments.  Anything he wants to play, he teaches himself through on-line resources.  I could listen to him preach, play and sing for hours.  He enjoyed playing basketball,  baseball, and tennis in school.  He’s very gifted at drawing and participated in several leadership activities while at North Ark and TECH.

My other son Jeremiah is still in college and is working on a degree in the field of technoloy. He was recently nominated and selected to participate in the Chancellor’s Leadership Cabinet at TECH. He has always loved sports.  While in high school he was one of the starting 5 and his basketball team won lots of awards--NAC Tournament, District and Conference Champions, Regional runners-up, and went to State.  He also won a state championship ring in Track.  I have enjoyed watching him play basketball, run in track and participate in church.  He could sing and could play music if he really wanted to. He likes to do figural drawings.  

Both have been involved in martials arts and think they can finally take on their dad.  

Personal Information:

I love to sing in church and read and study the Bible; something I learned from both my grandmothers.  In my spare time, I like to bird watch.  Whenever I can I work with gourds to make bird houses for the birds in my back yard.  I especially enjoy watching the wood peckers that visit often.       

Teaching is not just a career for me, I love teaching Art.  When I'm not, I’m always thinking about what I could teach.  At home, I also like to work in my flower garden.  I’m planning a new large scale rock garden at my house.  I can’t wait until it turns warmer so that I can start.  During hiking trips on my farm, I take lots of photos for inspiration.    

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Farren, on our farm and helping him.  He is the Sunday School Superintendent at our church and helps with congretational singing.  He also coaches two, boy, PeeWee Basketball teams in the community where we live.   




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