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Music Lesson Plans: November 11-15


Our song of the month, K-4, is “America, the Beautiful”.

Kindergarten:  We will identify same and different sounds in music.

1st Grade:  We will identify longer and shorter sounds in music.

2nd Grade:  We are learning songs for our music program that will be December 19th

3rd Grade:  We will move to show the form of a piece of music.

4th Grade:  We are rehearsing for our Veteran’s Day Music Program that was scheduled for November 11th but cancelled because of weather.  We will be rescheduling. 

Our 3rd and 4th grade Composer of the Month is Amy Beach.  Our listening selection this week will be “Summer Dreams”.

5th Grade: We are reviewing notes and rests and their values.  We will compose and perform rhythms.