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Music Lesson Plans: September 2-6


Our song of the month, K-4, is “America”.

Kindergarten:  We will use rhythm instruments to play the beat and review our four voices:  speaking, calling, whispering, and singing.

1st Grade:  We will practice moving to the beat.

2nd Grade:  We will practice moving to the  beat and clapping rhythms.  We will listen to a section of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” to go along with their current Science unit.

3rd Grade:  We will review quarter notes, eighth note pairs, and quarter rests.  We will clap rhythms with these notes and perform a folk dance.

4th Grade:  We will review beat with a folk dance and a game.

Our 3rd and 4th grade Composer of the Month is John Philip Sousa.  Our listening selection this week will be “Stars and Stripes Forever”.

5th Grade:  We will compose rhythms to perform a “Stomp” routine in groups.  We will practice composing and performing rhythms in Centers.