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Cheerleading Schedule

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Information about games:

  1. Green and White Game/Kiddie Camp - Cheering all games except 7th grade. Schedule on Green and White - 7 G, 7 B, Kiddie Camp Routine, JR G, JR B, Kiddie Camp Routine, SR G, SR B. Junior Cheerleaders Cheer for Junior High Games and Senior Cheerleaders Cheer for Senior Games
  2. Basketball Games: Games with three games example Junior High, Senior Girls, and Senior Boys. Junior Cheerleaders will cheer during Junior High Game, Both Junior High and Senior High will cheer during Senior Girls Game, and Senior High will only cheer for Senior Boys.
  3. Uniforms Green Uniforms on Tuesday Games and White Uniforms on Friday Games. Bows and Hairstyle will be determined later.