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Enrichment will be provideed to 3-1st gr. classes.  Students will rotate into my room every 3 weeks during the school year. The class is 30 minutes/day; 5 days/week.  

Curriculum Materials include but are not limited to:  Arkansas Game & Fish (AGFC)—(Project WILD/WET, Aquatic WILD , Project Webfoot, Flying Wild), Arkansas Forestry, Project Learning Tree (PLT), Blanchard Springs Caverns, Burpee, Farm Bureau, Cornell University Ornithology Lab; and Picture Perfect Science.  

1st gr. Enrichment will be using the bird habitat they help create in the Outdoor Classroom.

They will become citizen-scientists as they participate in the Bird Feeder Watch Program provided by the University of Cornell’s Ornithology Lab. After completing selected activities students should be able to: 
• Describe that birds are living things because they need food, water, shelter, and air to grow and reproduce.  Help create a habitat for the birds.
• Compare the life cycle of a bird to that of another animal.
• Name some characteristics of what makes a bird a bird. Design and build a model of a bird nest.
• List some of the different places where birds make nests and why.
• Compare and contrast the various materials that birds use for their nests.
• Name habitats of birds in their neighborhood.
• Name foods found in those habitats.
• Explain an adaptation that helps a bird survive.  
• Discuss the basic concept of migration and why it is necessary for some birds. 
• Explain the role feathers play in a bird’s survival.
• Understand the design of a bird’s beak.
• Discuss adaptations of beaks for survival. 
• Learn how to be good stewards as we take care of bird feeders throughout the school year.
• See patterns
• Learn how to use a new technology—binoculars
• Monitor numbers of birds spotted at our feeders (data will be uploaded once finished)