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AMI Snow day assignment

Assignments for the High School Band


All AMI DAYS- Analyze a piece of music.

Pick a piece of music from any genre.  Answer the following about it.

  • What is the name of the piece?
  • Who recorded it?  
  • What date was it recorded or composed?
  • How long is the piece of music in time?
  • If the piece of music sounds like another time signature other than 4/4, what time signature is it in?
  • How many measures long is the piece?  The best thing to do is just count along with the music like you were counting mesaures of rest. 
  • Name all the instruments that you can identify in the piece.

Alternate AMI assignment -  You can record (video or audio) yourself playing anything.  And I mean just about anything at all (as long as it musical).  I truly miss starting my day with high school and and coming away with something musical, I would tryly love to hear you play something.