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AMI 1:  Complete Day 6 of your Probability packet. Lesson 11-1 Vocabulary Support and Reteaching.

AMI 2:  Complete Day 7 – Lesson 11-1 Practice  – Permutations and Combinations

AMI 3:  Complete Day 8 – Lesson 11-2 Reteaching and Practice – Experimental and Theoretical Probability

AMI 4:  Complete Day 9 – Lesson 11-3 Reteaching and Vocabulary Support – Probability of Multiple Events

AMI 5:  Complete Day 10 – Lesson 11-3 Practice  – Probability of Multiple Events

Algebra II

Log on to your Pearson Realize account and do the assigned lessons.

AMI 1:  Do the following:  Chapter 11 Get Ready

                                         Chapter 11 My Math Video

                                         Lesson 11-1  Permutations and Combinations

                                                              Work through the Problems  and watch the Virtual Nerd video for extra help.

                                                              Take the Lesson Quiz. You will be assigned practice problems based on your quiz                                                                        score.

AMI 2:  Do the following:  Chapter 11 – Lesson 11-2  Probability

                                                               Follow the same process as the previous lesson.

AMI 3:  Do the following:  Chapter 11 Lesson 11-3

                                                            Follow the same process as AMI 1.

AMI 4:  Do the following:  Chapter 11 Lesson 11-4

                                                           Follow same process as previous days.

AMI 5:  Do the following:  Chapter 11 Mid Chapter Quiz              




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