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Psychology AMI Assignments - Snow Day Work

Psychology Snow Day Work

AMI Day 1 - Find an article either online or in a newspaper on America’s costs. Write a 1 page summary over the article.  Focus: How do the costs of healthcare with those of other countries?  Cite your source(s) in MLA Format

AMI Day 2 - Eyewitness accounts - How accurate are eyewitness accounts? 1 page explanation, using at least 2 sources- MLA Work Cited Page included with response.


AMI Day 3 - Mnemonics - Memorization Methods- Research Peg Method and Method of Loci - What is the effectiveness of these two methods? Which method would you consider using and why? (½ page response )


AMI Day 4 - Nature vs. Nurture- write a ½ -¾ page explanation of your point of view. Is a child a product of their genetics(nature) or their environment(nurture)? Is genetic engineering a positive or negative furtherment of science? Explain thoroughly.


AMI Day 5 - Classical Conditioning - Create your own experiment using classical conditioning- What behavior do you want to create? What steps would you take to create this behavior?