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Psychology AMI Assignments - Snow Day Work

Psychology Snow Day Work

AMI Day 1 - Find an article either online or in a newspaper on America’s healthcare costs. Write a 1 page reaction over the article.  Compare  the costs of healthcare in America  with those of other countries? What, if anything, should the American government do to decrease healthcare prices for the everyday patient?  Cite your source(s) in MLA Format

AMI Day 2 - Eyewitness accounts - How accurate are eyewitness accounts? 1 page explanation, using at least 2 sources- MLA Work Cited Page included with response.


AMI Day 3 - Mnemonics - Memorization Methods- Research Peg Method and Method of Loci - What is the effectiveness of these two methods? Which method would you consider using and why? (½ page response )


AMI Day 4 - Nature vs. Nurture- write a ½ -¾ page explanation of your point of view. Is a child a product of their genetics(nature) or their environment(nurture)? Is genetic engineering a positive or negative furtherment of science? Explain thoroughly.


AMI Day 5 - Classical Conditioning - Create your own experiment using classical conditioning- What behavior do you want to create? What steps would you take to create this behavior?