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Sociology AMI Work

Sociology AMI Plans


AMI Day 1 -  Find an article either online or in a newspaper on America’s costs. Write a 1 page summary over the article.  Focus: How do the costs of American healthcare compare with those of other countries?  What, if anything,should the American government do to decrease costs on the everyday American?

Cite your sources in MLA Format

AMI Day 2 -  Nature vs. Nurture- write a ½ -¾ page explanation of your point of view. Is a child a product of their genetics(nature) or their environment(nurture)? Is genetic engineering a positive or negative furtherment of science? Explain thoroughly.  Cite your sources in MLA Format


AMI Day 3 - Crime & Social Deviance - List 3 white collar crimes and 3 blue collar crimes- What differences do you notice? What’s the national and state statistics for both of these types of crimes? Cite your sources in MLA Format


AMI Day 4 - Research the Juvenile Justice System in Arkansas. What is the recidivism rate for minors in Arkansas versus the rehabilitation rate for minors in Arkansas? How do those rates compare to national statistics (recidivism and rehabilitation rates) for minors. Cite your sources in MLA Format- 2 sources


AMI Day 5 - Research factors that put people at a higher risk to commit a crime? Are these factors avoidable? How or How not? Thoroughly explain each factor and your reasoning for agreeing or disagreeing that a person may be at an increased risk of committing a crime. ¾ - 1pg in length  

You may refer to the following source: