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American History AMI- SNOW DAY Lessons

American History Snow Day AMI  Work

AMI Day 1 -  Take a page of notes over a newscast of your choice, then write a ½ a page over one news story that affected you the most and why?


AMI Day 2 - Draw a map of current day Europe. Fill in  the following countries: Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, UK, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania


AMI Day 3 - Research 1 of the European countries, then create a vacation poster or pamphlet including a section about its geographical sites(mtns, rivers, and ocean views), sightseeing attractions(museums , architectural achievements, etc…)


AMI Day 4 - List 3 examples of a natural disaster and 3 examples of a man made disaster. What is more devastating to a community - a natural disaster or a man made disaster? Thoroughly explain (½ -¾ page in length)


AMI Day 5 - Which historical figure would  you like to go back and interview? Why?  Do you have any similar personality qualities? What do you respect the most about this person? What 6 questions would you ask them? What are they the most known for throughout history?