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American History AMI- Lessons

American History AMI  Work



JUST SEND ME THE ANSWERS either through email or Google docs;)

AMI Day 1 -  Take a page of notes over a newscast of your choice, then write a ½ a page over one news story that affected you the most and why?

AMI Day 2 -  Complete your WWII projects INCLUDING your Works Cited page in MLA format 


AMI Day 3Send me a recipe to an All American recipe - Write a paragraph explaining why it’s an American dish.  send to my email –


AMI Day 4 - List 2 examples of a natural disaster and 2 examples of a man made disaster. What is more devastating to a community - a natural disaster or a man made disaster? Thoroughly explain (½ -¾ page in length)


AMI Day 5 - Which historical figure would  you like to go back and interview? Why?  Do you have any similar personality qualities? What do you respect the most about this person? What 6 questions would you ask them? What are they the most known for throughout history?


American History AMI Days 11-20

AMI DAYS 11-15 = April 6th -April 10th

AMI Days 16-20 = April 13th – April 17th

Day 11- Read the Day of Infamy speech from the link below

After reading the speech, describe the tone of the speech. Who was the intended audience? How would you have felt had you been listening to FDR on the radio delivering this speech? ½-¾ pg long 


Day 12 - Worksheet - Read and Complete 


Day 13 - Finish the worksheet below. If you don’t have a printer just write the answers on a seperate piece of paper.


Day 14 - Read Article then  answer in a 1 page reaction paper (can be handwritten) Did the US make the right decision in bombing Japan? Why or Why not?

Students will read the following article to share the other side of the bombing of Japan - ARTICLE 


Day 15 - based on the article from Day 14

Claim Analysis: America made the right decision to bomb Japan

  • Y/N - 2 pieces of evidence


Day 16 - Research Pablo Picasso’s piece Guernica- Write its (½ pg) history- Why did Picasso create it? Then do a See, Think & Wonder over the piece. 


Day 17 - War, Victory, and the Bomb - Click & Complete


Day 18 - Read & Do 


Day 19 - Research the Tuskegee Airmen - Who were they? What made them so significant? What were they out to prove to white America? How successful were they? What is the most surprising to you?

¾ - 1 pg response answering these questions - 


Day 20 - Read the article and watch the clips

  • Write a ½ page summary over the article

  • Write down 2 things per video clip