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Week of March 16th-March 19th   –      4 DAYS = 4 Carreer Summaries that follow the criteria below


**Remember that AMI stands for Alternative Method of Instruction and allows you to get credit for that day of school without lengthening the school year. Therefore, assignments must be completed by the time school resumes. If questions exist, email me and I will be prompt in responding on these days. 

For each of my classes, students should identify a career that interests them related to the class they are taking. Your task is to summarize the following factors in a half page summary

  1. Duties of the Job
  2. Average Salary
  3. Education/Training Required
  4. What about the profession interests you

Consider some of the content we have covered in your class thus far before selecting a related career.


Examples for Survey of Ag- This class covers a variety of topics. Therefore, any of the following careers could work:

Beef Farm Manager, Geneticist, Soil Scienctist, Plant Scientist, Certified Electrician, Professional Weldor, Carpentry, Agriculture Journalist, Agriculture Teacher, Game Warden, etc.

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