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Casey Blakeman

Welcome to my online classroom! 

Mrs. Casey Blakeman

Albright Hall, Room 103

AMI Instructions: In the event of a missed school day, all AMI materials can be accessed via google classroom or you can following the direct links below.

Physical Science: AMI Day 1:

AMI Day 2:

AMI Day 3:

AMI Day 4:

AMI Day 5:

Class Schedule & Lesson Plans

1, 3, 4: 9th grade Physical Science

Science Lesson Plans here:

2: Crime Scene Investigation 

CSI Lesson Plans here:

CSI – AMI Plans: For each day, research and write a short biography of 5 fallen officers. 

Make sure you include officers from at least 5 different states and 5 different causes of death. 

6, 7: Middle School, Business Communications

Lesson Plans here:

The 2019-20 school year marks my 10th year in education and I am thrilled to be ringing it in as a Valley Springs Tiger. I have experience as a secondary literacy, science and business teacher. I also develop curriculum and train new teachers through Arkansas’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Leadership Support Service. This year I will be teaching physical science, crime scene investigation, 8th grade keycode, and 6th grade technology communications. It is my goal to help support the mission of Valley Springs Public Schools to share in the community’s responsibility to develop each student into a citizen who can stand confidently, participate fully, learn continually, and contribute positively in his/her world. 



Casey Blakeman

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