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Casey Blakeman

Welcome to my online classroom! 

Mrs. Casey Blakeman

Albright Hall, Room 103

AMI Instructions: In the event of a missed school day, all AMI materials can be accessed via google classroom or you can following the direct links below.

Physical Science: AMI Day 1:

AMI Day 2:

AMI Day 3:

AMI Day 4:

AMI Day 5:

AMI Day 6-10: Here is your AMI work for this week. (Days 6-10)
You are responsible for turning it in to your current CAT teacher ONLY.
Every student in every grade should read for 30 minutes each day. Spending time reading is SUPER important! Let your CAT teacher know what you are reading!
Complete this form:
Next, every student should complete the grade level activity posted below. 9th/10th grade:
a. Days 6-10 Keep a journal each day. Keep track of time you spend on activities throughout each day (sleeping, eating, tv/streaming, reading, video games, physical activity, etc.).
b. On day 10, Present your data in a table or graph online or hand-drawn on paper. Write 3 sentences making observations about your findings. Write an additional 3 sentences explaining why you chose your activities and if/how you would change it now that you’re aware of how you spend your time.
Stay well, and let me know if you need anything!
AMI Day 11-20: 

Day 11: 

Topic: Solutions, Acids & Bases

  1. Go through slide show, review notes:

  1. Take Quiz:

Day 12: 

  1. Read NewsELA article, answer 4 quiz questions: What is ocean acidification?

Day 13: 

Complete the study guide to prepare for quiz:

Day 14: 

Use notes to complete unit quiz over Acids & Bases:

Day 15: 

Topic: Thermal Energy

  1. Review notes:

  1. Take Quiz:

Day 16: 

  1. Read NewsELA article, answer quiz questions: Heat, or thermal energy, can be transferred in three ways

Day 17:

Complete study guide for quiz in google classroom as many times as you want:

Day 18: 

Use notes to complete quiz over Thermal Energy:

Day 19: 

Work on researching your Wonder Hour project. You will create a 10 slide presentation or 2 full page paper over a topic that interests you. Your topic should be something related to Environmental Science. Think about humans and their interactions with the world.

Examples include: the importance of biodiversity, ocean acidification, acid rain, mushrooms that eat trash, ect.

Think of your own idea or use online resources like this to drive your research:

Day 20, Day 21, 22, 23, Final is Due on Day 24 (in class or online): 

If possible, email me your topic for your Wonder Hour project and link your slideshow or paper to google classroom. 

(DO not click TURN IN, just link it, this way I can monitor your progress)




Class Schedule & Lesson Plans

1, 3, 4: 9th grade Physical Science

Science Lesson Plans here:

2: Crime Scene Investigation 

CSI Lesson Plans here:

CSI – AMI Plans 1-5: For each day, research and write a short biography of 5 fallen officers. Make sure you include officers from at least 5 different states and 5 different causes of death. 

AMI 6-11: Grade specific work. Turn in to your CAT teacher only. 

CSI AMI Days 11-20 Here:


6, 7: Middle School, Business Communications

Lesson Plans here:


The 2019-20 school year marks my 10th year in education and I am thrilled to be ringing it in as a Valley Springs Tiger. I have experience as a secondary literacy, science and business teacher. I also develop curriculum and train new teachers through Arkansas’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Leadership Support Service. This year I will be teaching physical science, crime scene investigation, 8th grade keycode, and 6th grade technology communications. It is my goal to help support the mission of Valley Springs Public Schools to share in the community’s responsibility to develop each student into a citizen who can stand confidently, participate fully, learn continually, and contribute positively in his/her world. 



Casey Blakeman

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