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*FYI:  During the school year, if your child is identified as a close contact to a COVID-19 case you will receive notification with instructions.  The case name will remain confidential.

Valley Springs School District 2020-21 Covid 19 Protocol 

If a staff member or student tests positive for Covid 19 they will be placed on quarantine following The Arkansas Department of Health protocol. Please monitor your temperature every morning and evening and document results.

If you have completed your quarantine/home isolation period and you continue to have symptoms you must contact the school Point of Contact or the school nurse before you return to work or school. 

Probable close contacts will be placed on quarantine following the Arkansas Department of Health protocol. If at any time you develop Covid 19 symptoms or possible symptoms, you need to notify the school Point of Contact or the school nurse and have Covid 19 testing at an available testing site. 

Valley Springs School District POCs for 2020-21 school year are Shannon Tennison RN and Janie Greenlee RN. 

The Covid 19 number is: 870-497-0071

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Valley Springs Re-Entry Plan 2020-2021

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