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Daily Schedule

Our Daily Schedule 


7:50-8:00     Prepare for morning.  Sharpen pencils, use the restroom, and have all supplies for class.

8:00-9:10     Block 1 (Math) 

9:10-10:15   Block 2 (Math)

10:15-10:45 Morning rotation (PE or Math, Science, Literacy, or Technology skills)

10:50-11:25 RTI

11:25-11:55 Lunch

11:55-12:10 Recess

12:15-1:20  Block 3 (Math)

1:20-2:25    Block 4 (Ancient History)

2:30-3:15     Afternoon Rotation (one 9 weeks each of Music, Art, Library, & Technology)

3:15           Students are dismissed to the buses

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