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Want to see what your kiddos are up to in Science Class?

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PreAP Biology, AP Biology, and Physics Lab!



  • Jenn, Ali, and Kylee's Rate of Diffusion Lab - 1min
  • Rate of Diffusion Lab 10 min
  • Glucose by Emmalee, Payton, and Carley
  • Wade's monosaccharide model
  • Building glucose models by McKenzie
  • Floating M by Jake
  • Milk Lab by Autumn
  • AP Bio mini-poster session
  • observing surface tesnion by Russell, John, and Will
  • surface tension by Jordyn
  • super scientists
  • building glucose molecules by Rebecca
  • DNA bracelets
  • DNA double helix bracelets
  • Egg Crash Car by Blake, Cody, and Jesse
  • The Egg Crash Car Competition
  • AP Biology - Glowing Bacteria Lab
  • Physics fun with Garrett and Tyler
  • M & Ms by Jordyn

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