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Deanette Lynch's Class

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AMI Snow Day Information

AMI Snow Day Information

Students in Mrs. Lynch’s classes will be given paper packets to complete for AMI snow days.

They will be labeled Days 1-5.  

These will be discussed and covered when students return to class.

Students may contact Mrs. Lynch through email if they have questions at


AMI DAYS 6-11 (If needed)

Please See Valley Springs High School Page

and follow directions regarding AMI days 6-10.

You will find link on right hand side of page.


AMI Days 11-20

Days 11-20 packets for my  class will be available morning of  

April 6th.  You will find them in the AMI Packet tub outside the high school library.

They will be labeled in an envelope with your name and subject/subjects.

Please email me at with any questions.

Contact Deanette Lynch