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Curriculum OverviewOur students will be hard at work during the school year.  It is very rewarding to see them create.  Below is a sampling of some of the art activities children will be participating in.  

  • exploring line, color, shape, form, texture, value and space
  • different techniques and artists  
  • creating many kinds of artwork using different media (watercolor, pen and ink, oil pastels, pastels, acrylic, etc.) to express themselves in their artwork

Watch for the Gourds and Art Bots in 4th grade.


Kindergarten--Unit 1: Thinking and Working as Artists student will be discovering materials (arranging natural materials and/or stones and drawing); crayon techniques; inventing lines with markers; the art of tearing and cutting (arranging both torn and cut paper shapes into an artwork); meeting the paint brush (a brush stroke composition that we will later add color to); experiments with watercolor, etc.  


1st Grade--The Dot; Unit 1: Looking Around: Seeing Our World we will create beautiful buildings (drawing); look at lines and shapes (print making); make textures to see (drawing of a picture with different textures; make textures to touch (foil relief), paper weaving to make placemats, etc.


2nd Grade--The Dot; Unit 1: Nature's Beauty: Looking and Seeing students will look at trees as subject matter(drawing); looking at leaves (oil pastels & watercolor painting); color (painting of a garden, mixing tints and shades); nature painting, weaving on cardboard painted cardboard frames, etc.


3rd Grade--Geo-shapes; Relief work; Unit 1: Alone and Together: Art forms and Media we will work on portraits and self-portraits; facial proportion (drawing); expression and mood; drawing people; drawing people outdoors; positive and negative shapes, weaving on looms, etc.


4th Grade--Geo-shapes; Unit 1:Appearances: Looking at Our World we will make contour drawings (hands); gesture drawings & study proportion (figural drawing); seeing bodies in motion (line and movement in wire sculptures); looking at colors (mixing paint colors, mixing tints and shades, ); looking at trees (shape/structure), weaving on recycled CDs, etc.


5th Grade--Students will work on scratch art, print making, one-point perspective,  mask making, foreshortening, wire-sculptures, etc.





Visit my Nature Center Page to see what we will be doing in our habitat/garden this school year, along with the building/revitalization projects we are working on.  It is a work in progress so you may have to check back often. 

For the most part, we use Explorations in ART by Davis Publications, along with teacher created materials.  I do supplement with some extensions developed in collaboration with Science Specialist Shelley Tomlinson from Ozarks Unlimited Resource Cooperative (OUR Coop).

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