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Don't Throw It Away--Recycle

Don't Throw It Away!

The Art & GT Department can use all sorts of items you might normally throw away or might be cluttering up your home.  We will accept just about anything that will fit through the door.  If we cannot use it, we will pass it along. 


Below is a partial list of items we can use in the art room:




paper towel rolls, flat thick cardboard, or other cardboard rolls


old magazines (appropriate for elementary students)


fabric scraps

wrapping paper

masking tape

CDs (old ones you're throwing away)

Plastic caps/lids (please rinse off before bringing)

Acrylic or spray paint (water-base only or soap and water clean-up)

pencils (we can add an eraser to the top)

old lids to paint on (butter bowl, tupperware, etc.)

duct tape (any color)

masking tape (clear)

handy wipes (Even if they have dried out!)

picture books (drawing resource or collage)


old 'clean' panty hose (we use the legs and toe sections only)


Many thanks for your donation. 

Please have your student drop them off in the Art Room.

(If you are not sure if we can use an item, just e-mail or phone me.)


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