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1st 9 wk project - Ecology of the Ozarks Project

The purpose of this assignment is to cover the following Arkansas Biology Frameworks.  You will be doing this one collection instead of the traditional leaf and insect collections.

 CDL 7.B.4  Classify and name organisms based on their similarities and differences applying taxonomic nomenclature and using dichotomous keys.

CDL 7.B.5  Investigate the biodiversity of Arkansas using appropriate tools and technology.


You have been hired as a Naturalist for an Exploration Company that is exploring the Ozark Mountain Region.  As the Naturalist on the expedition (just like Charles Darwin or Lewis and Clark), it is your job to catalog and/or collect all of the living things in the Ozark Region.   In those days, they collected the actual plants and animals or made detailed drawings of them. You may do the same, but you also have the advantages of the 21st century, so you may take photographs of the organisms or create a video journal.  Be creative!

You should create a collection of Plants, Animals, Fungi, Fossils, etc.  Your collection must have 30 specimens.  You can take pictures, collect pine cones and acorns, collect leaves, make bark and leaf rubbings, make drawings, press flowers, etc. (No live animals please!) Each specimen must be identified by common and scientific name. ( I have field guides in my room that you may use for identification, they are also available in the HS library, the Boone Co library, and on-line) You should also record the date and place that each was collected.

Your specimens should be organized by Kingdom (all plants together, all animals together, etc) and then organized alphabetically by scientific name.

Your collection must have a title.  You should create a neatly organized display.  Examples:  Collection of leaves in a binder, Insect collection on a foam board, a treasure box of specimens, a science fair display board with a variety of organisms.  Be Neat!

Scoring Rubric:

Collection turned in on time                        25 pts

30 Specimens  (2 pts/ea)                              60 pts

Common Name  (1 pt/ea)                            30pts

Scientific Name  (1pt/ea)                              30pts

Date and Place Collected (1pt/ea)            30pts

Organized alphabetically                               25pts

Title page/Title on Board                              10pts

Neatness                                                             25pts

Creativity                                                             15pts

TOTAL:                                                                  250pts