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GT Curriculum…

Students will participate in a variety of activities that incorporate math, science, social studies, literacy and the expressive arts. Two examples: 

Electricity Unit explores simple and complex circuits.  Students design and build a game or robot that incorporates what they've learned. 

  • 3rd Grade Current Projects: Students will be working on Electricity & the installaion of a Bird Habitat 
  • 4th Grade Current Projects: Students will be working on the installaion of a Bird Habitat; irrigation system for the garden; revitalizaion of our water source; computer programming 


We will be using our Nature Center and school park throughout the school year.  They engage in a variety of activites from the following resources.  List is subject to change.

  • Arkansas Game & Fish Schoolyard Habitat Manual;
  • Project WILD/WET;
  • Project Webfoot;
  • Project WILD Aquatic;
  • Arkansas Forestry materials;
  • Project Learning Tree (PLT);
  • Farm Bureau agricultural/nutritional materials;
  • Flying Wild
  • Internet resources to support computer programming 
  • Teacher created materials based upon student interest.


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