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Physics - MouseTrap Grand Prix


Physics MouseTrap Grand Prix

October 11, 2017


Your objective is to build a car powered only by a mousetrap that will travel at least 1 meter.  You will have to apply what you have learned about forces and motion.  You may have a partner.  You may use multiple mouse traps.  The only restriction is that the only source of power on the car is from a mousetrap.  I will provide you with 1 mousetrap, you are responsible for all other supplies.  You may get extra pts if your car travels further than 1 meter.  I will award prizes for the car that travels the fastest, the car that travels the furthest, and the best looking car.  Your car must be turned in to me by 8am on Race day in order to qualify.


Scoring Rubric                                 Total                           100 pts

 Car that meets requirements built on time                25pts

Car runs at least 1 meter                                                  10 pts

Construction                                                                        10 pts

Creativity                                                                              10pts

Team Work                                                                          10 pts

Lab Worksheet                                                                   35 pts